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Bringing Sanity Back to Your Home

End the Conflict and NOT Your Marriage

After years of fighting I was finally told by the professionals I consulted that there was no hope and I should ‘just’ leave.

I was shocked at their negativity and determined to discover for myself the most solid research I could find out about the ‘people skills’ required to help people get along.

Years later when our marriage had improved beyond all recognition I decided to turn my research into an ebook. After hundreds of emails and testamonials and answering so many questions that developed into The Love Safety Net Workbook.

I had no idea what I was starting; Since that time we have received over a thousand testimonials from people in a broad range of desperate situations, saying we have saved their family, sanity, marriage and even sometimes their life.

Welcome to The Love Safety Net!

“Steve and I once had one of the worst

marriages on the planet, but thanks to the skills

I want to share with you today,

we now have one of the best.”

The Love Safety NetWorkbook is comprised of a series of concepts and exercises designed to help you become more attractive and effective in your relationships and in your life.

Kim and Steve Cooper

Packed full of exercises for you to become more attractive and

build lasting love with your partner, friends and family

Even when faced with difficult circumstances this workbook will help you gain confidence in attracting friendship, lasting love and respect in your life. Don't put off building the skills you need for a life filled with love.

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