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Welcome to our members’ area. This site is a nurturing and safe space online where you can interact with other members and receive 24/7 group support.

It is also a place to find advice, support articles and eCourses for your specific situation.

If you are new to our work please Start Here with our free introductory tutorial.

Before logging in to the right, please choose from the members’ subscriptions below:

Training & Group Support

$19.95 USD a month

Put together primarily for the men in our audience, the process that will be shared in this series of movies and exercises will support you in becoming an effective leader while also commanding your family’s love and respect . . .

Steve’s Leadership Challenge

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Personal & Group Support

$19.95 USD a month

24/7 Guidance & Support with Master Class Units for you to work through at your own pace.

The best membership subscription for codependents working through our program with group support.

Kim’s Master Class

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Increase Your Emotional Intelligence

3 monthly Payments of $24 USD

Our 13 Part Multimedia Journey. Learn to understand what your emotions are telling you. Includes Kim’s report, “How to conduct a sexual relationship that gets better over time.”

The Love Boat Cruise

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Let Go of Past Emotional Baggage

3 monthly payments of $37 USD

Are you living with past hurt, bitterness, anger and unresolved emotional trauma? Let this up close and personal video series with Dallas Fell help you reclaim your light-hearted self.

Baggage Dumper

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Silhouette, group of happy children playing on meadow, sunset.

Protect Yourself from Verbal Abuse

$8.95 USD

Article Directories including Kim’s 7-part series on dealing with verbal aggression, how to tame a narcissist and how to conduct better conversations.

Earning Respect

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Protect Yourself From Bullies

$8.95 USD

Kim’s 5-Part Article Series for ourselves and for our children.

The Friendship Cult

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Make Better Decisions

$8.95 USD

5-Part eCourse on accessing positive inner states for better decision making.

Stop looking for external validation and learn to find guidance from within.

Inner Connections

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Private & Personal Support

$90.00 USD

Kim’s Private Email Mentoring offers personal support while you work through the exercises in The Love Safety Net Workbook.

Kim’s Private Mentoring

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What we are not!

Are you looking for someone to take sides and sympathise with you in your current relationship struggles?

This may seem normal but can pose a danger; people offering sympathy will not help you spot the real problems in your own emotional development that may need work.

Left unaddressed, narcissistic and codependent patterns of behaviour may not only cause your current relationship to fail but may tragically cause your next relationship to fail as well.

Our resources teach people to stand up for themselves effectively but we don’t take sides. Everyone in a dysfunctional family is suffering. Instead we offer access to a community of people committed to supporting each other while learning to set boundaries and stand up for themselves effectively and while healing their family’s emotional patterns of dysfunction.”

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