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Our Unconscious Mind as “The Monster in the Cellar”

In this discussion, Dallas Fell and Kim and Steve Cooper cover:

  • Why we end up doing the opposite to what we mean to do sometimes – and how to stop doing that.
  • The real influences that drive our behaviour.
  • Ways of getting our conscious selves back in the driver’s seat of our lives.
  • The kind of wisdom our raw emotions have / or if they are just rubbish to be got rid of.
  • How our past negative experiences and “baggage” is like the “Monster in the Cellar”, causing danger and disruption in our lives.
  • What we can do to get rid of this monster.
  • How “Baggage Dumper” relates to Kim and Steve’s resources, like “Back from the Looking Glass” and “The Love Safety Net Workbook”.
  • How getting rid of our mental and emotional “rubbish” from our past helps us to open up to our lighthearted self, and have more choices.
  • Why we talk about “playfulness” being an effective tool, when the problems that burden us are serious and overwhelming.
  • That if you are in physical or emotional danger in your relationship right now you should immediately take the steps outlined in Back from the Looking Glass.

With a background in traditional psychology, management and behavioural science, Dallas has been in private practice since 2008, helping people let go of mental and emotional baggage, to live the life they were meant for.

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