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Live Free of Your Emotional Baggage?

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Dallas Fell and the Baggage Dumper Program:

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Life’s Too Short to Hang on to Your Emotional Pain

Unlike traditional therapy, Baggage Dumper Instant Access will lead you through a series of simple processes, allowing you to personally clear your own emotional baggage without needing to talk through your memories and past experiences.

Why live with hurt, bitterness, anger and unresolved emotional trauma and strain? In her groundbreaking series of short videos, Dallas will show you how these unwanted emotions can easily be released, helping you live your life from a place of emotional balance and security.

Once you discover these techniques, you will find this your best first option to deal with emotional baggage from the past, without needing help from anyone. Based on a combination of traditional and modern cutting edge psychology techniques, Baggage Dumper puts you in the driver’s seat.

Mom & teens dreamstime_xs_12895037


Free your heart to be back with your family, as the light-hearted, loving mother you know you are.

Dad and Baby dreamstime_xs_58364653


Clear your mental and emotional trash, to be the best Dad you can be for your kids.


Work on your own emotions to help create a loving life for yourself and your partner.

Group Leaders

Create the internal peace you need, to provide support and encouragement to others.

Past Troubles

Don’t carry past troubles a moment longer. Leave behind the past, to live well now!

Heartbreak - dreamstime_xs_43511435


Don’t just shut down. Rediscover the joy and colour in life after suffering heartbreak.

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$37 USD a Month for 3 months

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