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Sexual Longevity

Our human lifestyle has changed dramatically in the hundred and fifty years since the industrial revolution. We now spend more and more time away from our family, often working alone, rather than in the fields where men once worked all day alongside their fathers, and women at home with their mothers. Vital knowledge that was once passed down from generation to generation has been lost
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Silhouette, group of happy children playing on meadow, sunset.

From the Inside Out

“Do you give your best to the people close to you? Or do you expect them to accept your very worst? Do you display strength, patience and self control with those you love, making them feel safe and valued by you? Or do you expect your family to tolerate and support your weakest character traits (and exhaustion), while you give your best to your friends and your work? Is home even where you really want to be?"
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The Love Safety net

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