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Overview – Verbal Abuse is a Big Deal

Steve Biddulph got me started with the ideas I will present in this series. My life changed when I read his classic book, The Secret of Happy Children. His advice was about dealing with children having tantrums. I would say most verbally abusive people just never had a parent help them grow out of this behaviour.
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Part 1 – A Crash Course in Raising Your Status

The pecking order is very real and whether you admit it to yourself or not, we make assessments all the time of whether the people around us have more or less power and influence than we do. Denying that we judge people in this way won't make us innocent of power abuses, in fact the more we are aware of these internal assessments, the less likely we will be to abuse power in the hierarchies we live within.
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Part 3 – Don’t Let Sulking Ruin Your Life

If you have begun trying some of the ideas offered in the previous articles in this series, you may find your partner does stop verbally abusing you, only to shift to a different type of anti-social behaviour. A common one of these is sulking, which will sometimes be dished out as a kind of punishment for you standing up for yourself.
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