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Is there an Emotionally Intelligent Way to Access your Conscience?

I do not usually write about spiritual matters. Our work is based on emotional intelligence which is science and not faith. Still, in all my years of work and study, I have failed to come up with a satisfactory means of regulating fear that does not involve some type of faith that the powers that influence our lives are active, compassionate and kind.

The process I offer here for accessing your conscience is not spiritual or religious. Instead, I have come up with a method anyone can use (regardless of their faith), based on emotional intelligence and lateral thinking.

You are welcome to skip to this exercise at the end.

First—I would like to share some of my thoughts on prayer.

Prayer to Soften Your Partner’s Heart?

I often talk to partners in abusive relationships who have had a church elder tell them that they should pray and trust God to soften their partner’s heart.

To me, this would be similar to a plumber telling a person with burst pipes in their home that they should pray that God will fix the pipes for them, or a person running a soup kitchen sending hungry patrons away telling them to pray for God to provide them with food.

Others say they should turn to the Bible for answers.

With the Bible being as long and diverse as it is—written in times so different than our own—how is this meant to help someone?

Should this person read about stoning wives for adultery? Or Lot sleeping with his daughters?

If church elders cannot provide families in their church with emotional support and resources to improve their marriage, I believe they are in the wrong job. 

Prayer is not a reliable means of accessing wisdom from our conscience.

Any sensible prayer should not change God’s mind but our perspective

I find it interesting that in the book of Job in the Bible, Job refuses to ask God to deliver him from his afflictions. Instead, Job says that if it is God’s will that he suffer, who is he (Job) to request God do anything differently? 

God, in the end, affirms Job’s position on this.

With this in mind, I would like to offer a process to access our conscience, that instead of asking God to do anything differently, will instead bring ourselves to a higher state of mind.

Faith is vital in regulating fear

Fear is an important signal, but like all emotion, it’s essential we can regulate and ‘turn it off’ once we have got the message about what the danger is.

Otherwise, fear can become debilitating and leave us in a situation where we are powerless to act.

Some threats are things we can deal with by ourselves, but shutting that fear response off will sometimes require us having solid faith that there are higher powers that have our best interests at heart. These may include family, elders and officials in our community, emergency services, institutional leaders, government officials and may also include divine beings such as angels, or God.

In times of prosperity, it is easy for us to feel these higher powers are benevolent and kind. However, when times are troubled and life becomes cruel, it is easy to become fearful and lose faith in the powers that rule over our lives.

Even worse can be times when things are unpredictable, and we may begin to fear the higher authorities meant to protect us are self-serving, dormant or fickle and have become indifferent to our needs.

This shifting perspective poses a profound philosophical question that most of us rarely think about but still affects our lives:

Do we consider the supreme power and intelligence in the universe;

  • Benevolent and just?
  • Absent and indifferent?
  • Selfish and cruel?

Our view of this will first be determined by what trust we were able to place in our parents and the broader community while growing up.

If we had kind and caring parents, we probably grew up trusting other people.

On the contrary, if our parents were violent, cruel or neglected us, building trust will require effort and some kind of faith. Without this, our lives are likely to be ruled by anxiety and fear.

Even if we had caring and trustworthy parents, to grow to full wisdom and maturity, eventually we will need to learn that we cannot always trust the people who should be looking out for us.

What is needed to regulate fear?

The more you can place faith in being able to access the right long term decisions for yourself, the better you will be able to regulate fear.

Because if your faith is in a person, institution, government, religious or political group, chances are that at some point that faith will let you down.

For those who have not been tested by adversity in life, the ‘faith that keeps them sane’ usually rests on God, their family, community or civic leaders. 

The challenge comes when that trust is broken, and this person suddenly needs to find security from someplace else. Some will make a leap of faith and believe that continuing to trust people they obviously shouldn’t will demonstrate that they are good people who will somehow be rewarded in the end (Codependence). In contrast, others will desperately look for a new leader.

For others who did not have as much security growing up, ‘the faith that keeps them sane’ may have been in forces that changed from day to day and week to week until they finally grew into individuals who felt they could only really trust themselves.

There is strength in this sure, but when eventually, this person discovers their limitations and sees in reality how often they let themselves down this can be a tough place to land.

Finding a dependable source of wisdom

Most humans delight in attention, warmth, affection, reward and praise.

But basing the joy in our lives on the warmth and acceptance of people around us can be a trap.

For starters, if our joy is based only on others acceptance and praise, sooner or later, the people around us will let us down.

Secondly, this dependence may cause us not to trust ourselves when deciding right from wrong.

How often do you genuinely tune into your conscience to do the right thing and how often do you choose to do the ‘done thing’ instead?

The ‘done thing’ may win us praise and respect—but does that mean it is indeed right?

“Would you prefer children who need praise and reward from the people around them every time they do what is right? Or would you prefer children with the inner strength of character to choose to do the right thing—even when that choice is tough, and people criticise them for it?”

[Even if you do not have children – being able to imagine being a parent is essential to this exercise.]

In this sense, injustice is sometimes necessary (as individuals and society) if we are to learn that even when people around us are pressuring us to do the wrong thing—rather than always looking for praise—we can still trust ourselves and our conscience.

To have the courage to follow our conscience and the resilience to endure injustice and hardship, we need access to an inner source of wisdom.

When considering ourselves as the children of divine and benevolent parents (as we will shortly), we can learn to act in a fair and just way—regardless of how people around us respond to those actions.

The simple process I offer

The Exercise:

1. Imagine your perfect divine father and mother who love you unconditionally and want to see you grow and develop to be the best person you can be. Take time imagining what your perfect mother and father would be like and how they would love, guide and accept you. 

2. Ask for the gift of seeing the situation (that you reviewed in Step One) through your Divine Father and Mother’s eyes.

3. Let yourself relax and feel 100% unconditional love while you see your life from a whole different perspective. Without judgement, allow yourself to see how your Divine Parents would like to see you develop and grow.

4. See your situation through your Divine Parents’ eyes to notice who are the best people around you right now for you to work with to offer you support in that growth.

5. From their perspective, see where people may also need your help and support.

That is it – the process is as simple as that – a sacred well of strength and humility you can visit anytime.

Step 5: Logic

Kim is the author of seven books on the topic of relationships and emotional intelligence.

A prolific multi-media content innovator, Kim has created and shared a library of articles and multi-media educational tools including radio shows,
movies and poetry on 'The NC Marriage', and 'The Love Safety Net'.

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  1. I like much of what you’re saying here, Kim. There is a group that is looking at the make-up of the brain and new technology on bran scans done by Dr. Daniel Amen to say basically the same thing. We were created for JOY, and when we rest in trust in God’s goodness, JOY grows in our brain, and we actually develop a healthier, happier brain. If you google return to joy you will stumble on their stuff:

    Having said that, though, I do want to pose a challenge on one thing. This exercise becomes a bit spurious if you don’t actually believe in an actual God, so at some point faith has to take the leap and become actual belief, not just an exercise in faith. I’m sure you’ll agree with that….Faith in a revalatory God who spoke through history and speaks today makes the most sense in that regard, one who took on our human suffering, and in the words of Augustine “spake us fair.”

    Not wanting to tout a particular religion in your posts I get, I just want to encourage you to carry your intellectual honesty a step further and admit we have to rest our belief on something tangible for our own sanity, if not for the sake of believing.

    When the teachers of the law who were trying to trip Jesus asked him what the work of God is, he said, “The work of God is this: to believe in the one he has sent.” Belief, faith, trust, it makes more sense if you’re trusting in a person who reveals Himself rather than some figment of your imagination….

    I enjoyed this post, though, it was well-articulated, and very encouraging. Your work is revolutionary, and lovely because you’re a person just like us 🙂 Look up that website, I think it will encourage you to look at this new brain technology. My “supposedly narcissitic” husband turned out after having a brain scan to be epileptic, and he and my son now on medication=life back to a new normal, helping him manage life, but he’s sweet as can be, now. His real life back. I’m not reading your blog anymore to speak of simply because my life is happy now, but this post really struck me and I wanted to say “Hey” and greet you and encourage you 🙂 Blessings, hope we meet someday, in Jesus, MB

    1. Hi MB, some interesting thoughts and I’m really interested in that website, I’ll have a look too, thanks for sharing. So glad to hear things are now peaceful in your home.

      Correct me if I’m wrong please Kim, but I don’t believe that Kim is being weak or timid by not taking things a step further to state or imply that you have to believe in an actual God (which I think is what you’re saying), I believe that she is being inclusive. Whether or not she or anyone else reading this believes in God is not the point, she’s trying to make her work accessible to everyone, regardless of their religion (or lack of).

      Stating what you want her to is very ‘preachy’ and may alienate some of her readers. Her work is not just for Christians, and I personally applaud her for making this work as accessible as possible. She’s not here to convert people or make them believe they have to share her views on religion to be able to deal effectively with a narcissist.

      I believe in God myself, but I really dislike it when religious people try to push their religion on others – and can’t see how that can turn people off and make people feel excluded or judged.

      1. Thanks MD, I think you have said much of what we feel. It is really very difficult to combine the message from the scriptures into our work, firstly because we are not theologians and secondly because our message is essentially practical first and spiritual second.
        Our online project/ministry/website is built to help those in need. Our books are relatively inexpensive and our blog is for the most part free. We have a large group of people following us. We had a follower today email us to alert us that we talked about God too much recently so that she is ‘outta here’. It is not the first time but it is something we have to be mindful of. I understand that faith is often the missing ingredient in many people’s lives and if Kim and I help others move to a higher spiritual base we are glad for it.

  2. Great topics and good thoughts! We’re all “a work in progress” in this regard. A couple of my favorite personal sayings are: “the truth is stronger than a lie” and “good psychology equals good spirituality.”

    People who don’t yet realize that we are on a search and discover mission in this life are often caught in their circumstances, like a net, until they do ~ unsatisfyingly trying to promote and maintain a “status quo” that they have perceived to be normal, deserved and/or desirable. The problem is, it just doesn’t seem to work ~ too many unco-operative variables, including “others” and even “ourselves”, as well as all those extraneous and random circumstances “beyond our control.”

    We hear a lot of talk these days about “freedom” and “rights” in external terms, but true freedom begins internally, very much along the lines you are always addressing. I salute you and your work!

    It is not easy to frame spiritual/existential questions in “modern terms”, also embracing practical and scientific principles and considerations, but this is the language and developed focus of our times. If something is true, it is true on every level, and we should be able to discover and express these connections in ways that pull our tangible and fragmented experiences (in and) of this “broken world” (and our “broken selves”) into a helpful and unifying matrix, where our deeply sensed needs and goals can find a framework in which to begin a selective discerning process, where our “choices” and what they are based on do certainly matter. If “garbage in, garbage out” is true for computers, how much truer is it for our own lives?

    Favorite quotes: “The unexamined life is not worth living” and “The truth will set you free.”

    God bless you!

    1. Gak, these are beautiful and deeply profound comments, thank you for sharing.
      A unified experience may soon be possible with technology moving at the current pace. We need good people in industry ensuring that the technology serves humanity and the environment, not just the banks.

  3. Thank you so much Kim for your honest and sensitive manner. I also believe that there is a God who loves us and wants the best for us. He is also a god who is bound by laws, such as free agency. When we misuse our free agency and make bad decisions, then God is bound to let us suffer the consequences of our choices. If he would constanly change the laws governing this earth, just to appease or make somebody’s life easier, then there would be even more chaos. He gave us a perfectly functioning earth with the 10 commandments to help us get through this mortal life. If we reject his laws and commandments – then we must suffer the consequences. It is as simple as that. If we are abused by somebody else, then they will suffer – justice will also be fulfilled, if not necessarily in this life. Unfortunately, the 10 commandments are often seen as “fences” that hinder us – instead of seeing them as they were intended – “guardrails” that help us steer clear of dangerous pitfalls. I am grateful to my Heavenly Parents and all the good they try and help me see.
    I am also grateful to you, Kim for your work and inspiring efforts for so many of us who are finding the light in a difficult relationship.
    Sincerely, Ann

  4. It is great to see that this chapter has sparked some heartfelt intellectual discussion. I hope that it continues and I especially love the quotes gak!

    I do try and be as inclusive as possible. Perhaps this is because my own beliefs have changed many times over the course my life!

    I consider seeing our life from the perspective of our Divine Mother and Father as a very powerful inner state that is available to believers and non believers alike.

    The concept first started for me in a very lonely time of my life when for comfort I created my own inner world with the very best parents I could have for my own personal development and growth.

    It was only later that studying ancient Christian texts that I discovered the idea that I might consider these parents as divine and ask for the gift of their perspective.

    As I had already created these ideal parents for myself the idea jumped out at me immediately.

    Whether an act of faith or an act of using your imagination to see your situation from a different and higher perspective – either way I believe it has merit and hope you will consider trying it for yourselves 🙂

    1. Thanks Kim I don’t read or pray but have a strong faith in God and this has caused me to do a bit of reading which I know I should do each day. These are my findings..
      Jesus says “I tell you the truth, if you have faith and do not doubt, can say to this mountain, “Go throw yourself into the sea,” and it will be done. If you believe you will receive anything you ask for in prayer. (Matt. 21:21,22). A lot of the confusion boils down to the difference between faith and works. When praying we need to rely on the faithfulness of God not the act of praying, exercise faith that God will be true to his promises.” Apart from Him you can do nothing.”. You can begin exercising Faith by laying hold of Gods power by professing His promises. (2 Peter 1:3,4). In 1Corinthians 15: 42-45 states that there is a spiritual body and a natural body. In other words, every believer has a spiritual nature, which has been brought to life by the Holy Spirit. The non-believer knows nothing of this. He is no longer a physical human being but a spiritual one as well. You can move beyond rational thinking to spiritual thinking. Isaiah 53:5 Tells us with his stripes we are healed. Hebrews 4:12 highlights the division between human thinking and spiritual thinking. It shows how the word of God when properly received, divides between the two: “The word of God is living and active. Sharper than any double- edged sword, it penetrates even to the dividing soul and spirit…” ”Living and active” The Greek word for “active” is energy. It penetrates even to the dividing soul and spirit. The Greek word for “soul” is psyche, the human capacity for reasoning (rational thinking). So, the Word of God separates rational thinking from spiritual thinking, simply because Christians need to make their decisions on the basis of spiritual thinking. My human intellect is not really the decision-maker of my being. I may think of it that way sometimes, but it is not really. My intellect stores, sorts and analyses data, but my spirit compares the data to the Word of God and makes the decisions that are translated into action.
      That is why the Bible teaches: “Trust in the Lord with all your heart [spirit], and do not rely on your own insight [intellect] (Proverbs.3:5. We need to act on the basis of the Word and not on what seems logical. We need to exercise faith in the power of the Word regarding it “ not of the word of man but as it actually is the Word of God…” (1 Thessalonians 2:13 ) is an even clearer highlighting of what I mean.

  5. There is a great book entitled Could It Be This Simple? that actually shows faith in God is not contrary to evidence nor does it require a human being to neglect reason and judgment (the very skills humans are gifts with and should exercise). One of the messages of the book encourages us to use our reason despite how we feel because it is feelings that can be misguided and not aligned to the truth around us. Truth: God is good & because He does not control people (we have a will), bad things happen to innocent people because other people choose to do harmful things.

    1. This sounds great Amber. Reason is one of our human qualities, like intuition and imagination. To love and trust a benevolent creator is truly a healthy pursuit as Kim sets out in her article. 🙂

  6. As always very deep and insightful and I love the spiritual and Bible references. You always take a keen, thoughtful look at complex situations.

  7. Reguarding faith & trust… I as I child learned quickly that My God and his son , will be the only one who never leave you nor forsaken you . In good times and in times of trial and testing, when there is silence, lies the test. Believing, knowing in all circumstances, he will walk or carry you depending on the need. And reguardless of how adults raised a child , lessons are learned, valuable ones. So, reguardless of how we feel, honor your mother and father. The one who matters most loves you more than you could ever imagine :). Peace and joy be with you, no matter what season your in.

  8. Hi Kim and all, I really appreciate your bringing this up as I myself have wrestled like Jacob with these things and came to the conclusion that there is just one thing in this universe and it is God as we call it. What do I mean? Well, everything is a manifestation of the Creator/Source that is comes from. Yeshua, (jesus is the anglicized version of the greek name, Ieosus, meaning hail Zeus). said Do you not know that your body is the TEMPLE OF THE LIVING GOD? Yeshua was a Jew and the Jewish understanding of God is that God is ONE. Doesn’t mean there is just one God but that God is ONE, there is nothing else. He said there is no one beside God. So God is male/female as the Bible says in Genesis. Ok, this is the Judeo/Christian God which you can choose to believe in or reject for other forms of God or no form. I fail to see from any of the scriptures that God cares if we believe or worship him/her. Rather that we live our lives in accordance with Divine Will. What is Divine Will? Perhaps if we are the Temple of the Living God then Divine Will has to do with not harming ourselves which would include not harming others or this beautiful planet. These are the simple understandings I came to. I was raised in a Christian ministers family and my parents did not live according to the tenets of the Bible. They dedicated my life to God at age 1 month and then they didn’t show me the way. Why? Because they believed in dogma of the church and failed to see that the Life is in the blood. That we are living pieces of the Living God. To honor our parents as Kim so beautifully understands would be to honor those who honor our Heavenly parents. An earthly parent that doesn’t understand can be very destructive and teach the same to their children. So i agree with Kim. Find your Heavenly parents and honor them. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you is the prescription that puts out how you feel about yourself. If you do not honor the Creator Mother/Father within yourself and love yourself genuinely then narcissism is the result and you can not possibly love anyone else. I lived at the Dead Sea for four months and during that time I visited the area where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found. Since that time I have learned much about the Essenes. Yeshua was from an Essene family and that is why he went to the desert so much. He was of a purer spiritual people who understood and taught their children in accordance. Those lovely people did many things to create a sacredness for our time as they knew we would be going through much darkness. See the way I look at it is we should be grateful to all of God’s creation. To those who came before who did the best they could and to those who are here doing the best they can and to everything that is living in our world as we are gifted with this incredible life. Worship is not the concept, gratitude is. Yeshua was told by Satan if he would bow down and worship him he would be given the world. Its not his to give and Yeshua told him to take a hike. Thats what we must do within. Remember who we are. Yeshua was the one who came to show us who we are. He said he came that we might have life more abundantly. Job was of that day and time. We are beyond that day and time and its time for us to step into the light of our understanding of who and what we are and what we are here to do. I have read the Bible throughout my life and I have studied other faiths. I have come to understand that God is pretty clear in the Bible that worshipping is not what is sought but rather living a pure and clean life and appreciating that life and treating world we live in and all in it with due respect and kindness is the basic way to honor the Creator. The laws are just about the how to and they are and have always been a gift to us. In the Jewish understanding they are considered the path. Yeshua said he was the Word made flesh. None of what I am saying contradicts the Bible. What is called the Holy Spirit is the Shekinah or She who dwells within. Hebrew is gender based so we know Shekinah is feminine. The Essenes knew that prayer was the emotion of the heart. So to go inside ourselves is to pray. Blessings to all!

    1. Diana,

      You said that nothing you wrote contradicts the Bible. I don’t want to start (or continue) a debate, but that’s untrue. You also said you’ve studied the Scriptures and have found NOTHING in the Bible about God wanting worship or us existing to worship Him- rather only to live with gratefulness.

      What you wrote contradicts SO MUCH of the Bible in SO MANY ways, that I would have rather you said you don’t believe the Bible is true, or that you haven’t read it, than to say you have and that it doesn’t say things that it DOES say. Throughout the entire Bible, worship is clearly something God desires and (in fact) instructs us to worship “no other gods.”

      You also mentioned that Jesus (when he was tempted by the devil) told Satan to go away, but you also said that the earth wasn’t Satan’s “to give.” Actually, Satan IS “the current ruler of this dark world.” He was given much authority over this planet back when he was created by God, and then when he turned his back on God, his free will & (current) ruling powers were not revoked. He DID have the authority to hand back what will eventually not be under his control, but the very reason we have spiritual warfare and evil on this earth is because Satan does have a great power of influence over it in this present age. The wonderful lesson of Jesus avoiding temptation after 40 days in the wilderness without food, IS the fact that he resisted the temptation to succumb to the devil’s offer to be handed (back) the authority over the very Earth and people He (Jesus) came to save. But, Jesus knew better. IF SATAN HAD NO POWER OR AUTHORITY IN THE FIRST PLACE, it would NOT have been a true tempation at all. But, because the Bible clearly entails the fact that Jesus had not eaten in 40 days, his physical body was WEAK at that point, and turning down the temptation Satan offered would’ve been much harder (physically) than most of us could ever imagine. If there was no real temptation, there was no real overcoming of a tempation- plain and simple. Jesus was tested in the wilderness, and He overcame, and then rebuked Satan.

      Regardless of what you believe, please at least be HONEST about the Bible, because you could mislead and drive people away from the truth by stating that you’re very familiar with the Bible and yet it does not say anywhere that God desires our worship, and that worship is not important- just gratefulness. BOTH are important, and people need to READ the Bible for themselves before just believing what someone says (including me). 😉 Sorry for the long comment.

      1. I don’t want to get into a theological debate here but I will offer this . . .

        Once I began studying ancient history in earnest I was very surprised at how wide and variant the interpretation of ancient writing can be. Most use a form of punning (without humor) which means that one word could mean up to 20 different things. The Hebrew language was more specific but had a tendency to deify stories they translated from earlier languages when those texts may not have originally been spiritual or religious at all. When you combine this with the usually somewhat arbitrary choice of which ancient texts you want to choose to consider as sacred and which you do not, actually qualifying what the Bible says on any particular subject is very difficult to substantiate.

        One, slightly humorous example is about what John the Baptist ate in the wilderness. Most bibles say Locusts and honey. There is just as strong a case however that these same words could be interpreted as pancakes and honey.

        This dilemma is only solved if you place your faith in one version (and selection) of ancient texts that have been canonized by a particular faith. I have no problem with this – but in that case of course you are going to disagree about what the Bible says when you talk to people who do not accept that same religions choice of texts and interpretations.

        Biblical scholars within the same faith still disagree and argue about selection of texts and interpretations on many points 🙂

        In my understanding Jesus didn’t stand on belief – instead he healed people, treated them as equals and showed them kindness and respect. He said, “Sin no more,” (which is about doing and not believing) and to love your neighbor as yourself.

  9. Aloha I wrote a comment previously. I’m not sure this was to be a biblical debate . But isn’t it a blessing how god works. I only know and hold true what is written word and what is expected of us a children. The way is narrow and not all will stand in that day. I have had to remind my own self , he came to save the lost sheep, each is as equally important to him. And their are so many that claim to know him, but do not follow his teaching . Dissapline always out of love, in hopes a light is revealed as to lead on the proper path. But we still need to try and respect others beliefs , though it is not our own. Kim, I am greatful for your work and the valuable life experience you offer. It helped tremendously in recognizing and understanding what I had been coping with for years. This is definatly one of your callings. I and I am glad to have had the resource, and reccomend your site whenever appropriate . Blessings to you and yours

  10. Ok, let me clarify. First of all I should have said that what I wrote doesn’t contradict the Torah. That would be the Hebrew writings which if you are to study them you need to either learn Hebrew or spend time with a Rabbi. This is what I did. Please all you that are dogmatic Christians, do yourself a favor, learn the history of the church and how the name they claim is by no other name is NOT the name of the Messiah. I will not debate the truth. Ignorance is what sent me seeking truth and the truth set me free. The Roman church is what all churches are from and it was paganized and amalgamated throughout the centuries. There is much error in the KFV Bible. King James commissioned Sir Francis Bacon, an occultist and practicing Mason to interpret the Greek into English. The original writings are locked away in the Vatican at best and they were written in Hebrew and Aramaic. To believe what you have been taught without your own research is to behave like a helpless child, isn’t that co-dependent?
    All I offer here is the challenge for us to be more than mindless drones addicted to a belief system that cannot stand up upon scrutiny. But the warning is it isn’t for the faint of heart. If you faith is based on that old time religion then you swallowed the pill and your in the matrix. No offense, God does look upon the heart but God created us with a mind for a reason and if we do not reason together then we are just monkeys throwing feces at each other which is not getting us anywhere. The world is self destructing because of fear. Fear is the opposite of love and it is fear that keeps you from closely examining your belief system. If you teach your children to believe in the tooth fairy aren’t you teaching them your a liar? This is the kind of thinking that keeps us slaves. I know that Yeshua came to set us free from that and the Jewish people of his day and time were just as ignorant of the scriptures as many in church today. I won’t even go into other belief systems but there is a common thread. And to put another spin on it, Yeshua said the end of the age not the end of the world. What was he speaking of? The age of Pisces, dualstic thinking. The age of Taurus ended with the Golden Calf episode and the beginning of Aries the ram. Then Aries ended with Yeshua the lamb of God who was a Jew. That was the beginning of the Age of Pisces. We are now in Aquarius, or rather the cusp between Pisces and Aquarius. Aquarius is the water bearer. The water being poured out is the spirit of life. Water always represents life. In the desert Miriam found the water or they would have died. Time for us to discover the water, the life. Sorry if my post annoys you but until you get annoyed a bit you stay complacent and controlled. I respect Kim because she has done her work and she has dug deep. She is an Aquarian guide.

  11. One more thing. Yeshua said he came for the lost sheep of Israel. He was speaking to those who were of the lost tribes who had gone into captivity due to falling away. They mixed the teachings of Moses with the pagan beliefs. If you dig into the Catholic church you will find the teachings are exactly that. So really you just need to find out what Yeshua was really about and to do that you can do an internet research and find all kind of information as more and more people have been shown the truth. There are those who have gone to the monasteries and Nag Hammadi library and actually done the hard work for us. In the prophets it is written that in those days I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh. And also it is written that the law will no longer be written on stone but in our hearts. And again it is written that the fathers will no more eat sour grapes and the children’s teeth be set on edge. That each man will account for his own sins and no longer the sins of the fathers will be visited upon the children. We live in that time. We have the ability to change the world and be co-creators with our Heavenly Mother/Father. Perhaps that is just too much responsibility for some who would rather keep to the teachings of those who spoon feed them rather than being adults and feeding themselves? Co-dependency is rampant in religion. God is available on a one to one level. The guides left us wisdom to glean from. Santa Claus, the Easter bunny and the like just doesn’t make sense in a world of adults who tell the truth.
    I wish all blessings of love and truth. If you feel that my intention is to harm you I have no power over what you believe. I only answer for myself and I simply challenge you all to be the brightest lights you are capable of being.

  12. i find this post very helpful because i can really relate to it. it is in the nature of humans to disappoint since we are not totally self sufficient. so it is always key to put your faith in God. sometimes we feel God disappoints us, but like you said, job did not pray to God to change his situation. God has a plan for everything and nothing that happens to you(good or bad) is a surprise to Him and therefore he has a solution to it. it only takes patience and faith to deal with fear. when we are to do this, we realise that the final answer or solution we get is the best.

  13. […] Prayer (Click the title to read this chapter) […]

  14. I love this subject. I’ve spent time on both sides of the fence. On the no-faith side, I felt superior to weak people who relied on faith and argued with any unfortunate believer I ran into. I’d prayed fervently for my daughter and when she died I felt God failed me, so I railed at him while simultaneously trying to convince myself and others that he didn’t exist.
    Then I had an unexpected experience in which I suddenly felt completely immersed in what I knew (without doubt) was God’s love. It was like being slid into a toaster oven of permeating divine warmth.
    All my arguments instantly evaporated. I got none of my questions answered – like why didn’t he answer my prayer – but my arguments were replaced with a simple and certain knowledge that there is a God and he loves us humans.

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