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In This Show Steve and I Discuss;

1. Parent who compete for your kids’ affection and try and get them to side against you.
2. Grandparents who ignore their grandkid’s special dietary needs.
3. In-laws who take over.
4. Parents or in-laws who knock you off balance by tempting you with the wrong food or drink.
5. Parents and in-laws who set a bad example for their kids and grandkids.

Our recommendations;

1. Join in family activities and don’t hide off on your own.
2. Plan ahead, practice and prepare.
3. Control the environment.
4. Try and have supportive friends and family on hand.
5. Don’t get involved in talking about people behind their back.
6. Don’t get involved in arguments.
7. Be ready to walk away and self soothe if they get mad or
are upset.

Please see our Thanksgiving special here;

Be Emotionally Prepared this Holiday Season

Preparation and practice makes perfect; so please start today working on the exercises we have put together and don’t let the festive season get you down!

Be Emotionally Prepared this Holiday Season

Kim Cooper

Author of seven books on the topic of relationships and positive mental health.

A prolific multi-media content innovator, Kim has created and shared a library of articles and multi-media educational tools including radio shows, movies and poetry on 'The NC Marriage', 'End The Blame Game' and 'The Love Safety Net'.

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