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Are You an Emotional Genius or Dunce?


Emotional Stupidity is an entertaining and brief view of how to live your emotional life badly, in the hope that might help you to live it well . . .

Emotional Stupidity an eBook by Kim Cooper

Do you struggle with negative emotions daily? Do you have embarrassing memories from the past that intrude on your day? Emotions are very powerful signals – but to succeed in life it is vital that you begin to understand what they mean.

You can purchase this ebook by clicking on this title Emotional Stupidity and then join our discussion in the comments section below.

Kim is the author of seven books on the topic of relationships and emotional intelligence.

A prolific multi-media content innovator, Kim has created and shared a library of articles and multi-media educational tools including radio shows,
movies and poetry on 'The NC Marriage', and 'The Love Safety Net'.

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  1. Hey Kim & Steve!
    As with your other ebooks this one too is thought provoking and challenging. Also to some, myself included, intimidating and scary. With your ebook ‘Back From The Looking Glass’ along with the steps outlined in ‘The Love Safety Net Workbooks’ I was better able to become more self aware or self reflect/examine and to identify and identify with my emotions. Haha, I actually looked up a multitude of emotions we have as I certainly could not name all of them.

    I love how you explain what these emotions are telling us. And the suggestions you give in handling/dealing with them. And it ties in with the ‘self-soothing’ techniques you mention in your other ebooks and such.

    I can’t wait to get started on my next one.

    1. Hey Darlyn – Thanks for getting the ball rolling here! I wonder if you are talking about Emotional Stupidity or 10 Steps to Overcome Codependence when you mention the list of emotions? I know a bit of that work does cross over with stuff in The Love Safety Net Workbook. Learning to identify our emotions and know what they mean has been an incredible journey of discovery for me and has changed my life completely!

  2. Hey Kim!
    I remembered later in the day that I neglected to mention ’10 Steps To Overcome Co-dependence’. They all tie together so well. I found them all very well written, easy to understand and easily connected each one with the others.

    I also enjoyed the added outside links you provided to help us with conquering some of our shortcomings, also known as our ‘gap work’.

    It’s far too obvious to me that with all the information and materials you offer us that you and Steve are in this for ‘Our’ benefit.

    The last page is great. I printed another copy of it, cut the short 9 different symbol reminders and placed them were I can see them everyday.

  3. Thank you for putting these on sale. Your site has been a great help to me. When first finding you I didn’t have the freedom to purchase the books, so I just read everything I could find for free on your sight and that helped immensely. I have gotten a lot more stable, but I have a ways to go so the 10 steps book is going to help me alot. My husbands ways can at times look innocent but be controlling or demeaning. He does a lot of projecting. Recently he printed out info on the web ’10 Ways to Know You Are Dealing With an Almost Psycopath”. He gave it to my 9 and 10 year old to read ‘because they will encounter people like this in their lives and it talks about empathy which is important to know about’ as he said. Then he prominently displayed it on the desk. I knew I couldn’t get upset at it because it would prove the point he was overtly trying to make about me. After a few days I put your “12 Steps to End the Fights” over the top of it because I have been trying to focus with my husband that I am making changes because I want the family to be healthier. A couple of days later both papers were gone. I am glad being stronger helped me not get upset, find it humorous in a way, and deal with it smartly. Since he wanted the children to learn more about empathy 🙂 I printed out your book on that and Emotional Stupidity. I was able to calmly show them to him based on his concern that the children learn more about empathy and I thought he was right on that so I did some research and found these concise books the girls could understand. I have them out in the living room and I hope he eventually looks at them because the points are exactly what everyone in the family needs in different ways. I have been reading them with my girls, just a page at a time, paraphrasing some of it, because I figure they missed out on so much learning with my husband and I not being healthy emotionally. I hope you eventually write a children’s book. I think it would be a great help for children to not be confused and able to see whats going on around them in a non-judgemental but understanding way of themselves and others. And some kids, like mine, need a boost because they didn’t get everything they should have for years. Patience is my big thing now, I want things to be better already and I am tired of dealing with nonsense. (and I have to keep reminding myself the nonsense has been on my side to) Thanks for all your encouragement.

    1. Hey Staci – Great to hear from you! You really should get Back from the Looking Glass and the Love Safety Net too! They are the real basics of our program. The other books are great for what you just mentioned (leaving on the coffee table) and that is exactly what I had in mind when I created them!

  4. Sorry, I forgot to mention I have those already. I think that was the first thing I bought once my checking account was my own. I am still working on the exercises and reading some of the other books and sites you recommended in there. I keep messing up on a regular basis, but I am also doing much better on a regular basis. Overall I see my kids are less stressed. I am trying to focus on the positive steps we are making, but because I can see clearly now the way he acts and I don’t get confused by it, it is harder to like him, but at the same time I am developing more empathy for him the more I understand the hurt he has gone thru and how miserable he must be feeling inside. I need better comeback lines for when he is getting on the kids. He can’t control me as much, so I see him starting in on them. I have spoken up with “sometimes they do and sometimes they don’t”. I could see that help the kids perspective and it did calm him down a little. I can’t overuse that one. He goes on and on at us all the things he does right and how we need to improve and be more helpful to him and put the family first and how we have fought against all his plans in the past and how we don’t go along with his plans now. A lot of it is projecting and from reading your comments to others some of it may be gap work I need to focus on. I am a bit tired of dealing with him, but maybe I should approach the gap work (I have been procrastinating) and set it up as a long-term goal and make small steps to reach it.

    1. Hi Jo, Emotional Stupidity and The Love Safety net Workbook (with special attention on the gap finder exercises at the end).

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