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Kim’s Master Class

  • Are you reading Kim and Steve’s books,
    but want personal help and support?
  • Are you looking for an understanding
    group of people to support you online?
  • Are you committed to rebuilding your
    world based on love and respect?

While our ebooks provide the steps you need to resolve family conflict, much of that advice is about dealing with your partner, extended family, neighbours and support agencies.

The units in this premium subscription will add a few simple self-focused exercises to help develop your inner personal strength and courage and change the way you interact and negotiate with the people around you. These exercises will help get you into the ‘fast learners lane’ answering some of the internal questions that may arise while you face the steps the books lay out for you.

“24/7 Group Guidance
& Support
with Extra Material
to Work Through at
Your Own Pace.”

Only $19.95 a month

(Register now and we will be in touch within 24 hours to help you get set up with our Facebook secret groups.)

To become a Master Class Member you must agree to a few basic rules . . . Read Kim’s Master Class Rules

This class will help in a sense for you to become your own coach, bringing you to that place of inner strength where connection with others becomes easy and natural.

There is nothing which gives our lives more meaning and joy than genuine rapport and understanding with the people we live and work with.”

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