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Dallas Fell is based in Australia. Her journey towards creating the Baggage Dumper Program led her through psychology research and management. She has applied her research-based honours degree in psychology and post-graduate qualifications in management through a long career as an internationally published behavioural scientist, researcher & practitioner – and manager of teams of over 200 people. She has expanded her skills with further qualifications and intensive training in the fast-action, cutting-edge psychology techniques which have become her passion to share.

So, since 2008, Dallas has been in private practice, applying her years of training and experience to help people navigate life transitions and crises, to let go of emotional baggage and live the life they’re meant for. Baggage Dumper Instant Access is now making her one-on-one program available internationally. She has been collaborating with Kim and Steve Cooper for much of this time, before working together to create the Baggage Dumper instant access video program, specifically designed to support people visiting Kim and Steve’s sites and working through their programs.

Baggage Dumper consists of a series of 12 movies that will make you feel you are in a one-on-one session with Dallas. In these sessions, Dallas will guide you to overcome past heartache and trauma far more easily than you might ever have thought possible.

Experience how amazing it can be to live free of your emotional baggage – releasing you to create close, warm connections with the precious people in your life, and to allow your true, light-hearted self to emerge, as you let go of emotional stress and tension.

Part One - Understanding the Program

What is Emotional Baggage?

How to spot your “dumpable” baggage!

Your Precious Crisis

The power and the preciousness of the crisis that leads us to make a change.

Part Two - Dump that Baggage!

Our First Action Session

Experience how simply you can ease your negative emotions without having to talk them through!

Clear Your Critical Inner Voice

Enjoy a sense of quiet peace inside, perhaps for the first time!

Part Three - Get Strong and Protected

Your Magic Bubble of Protection

Claim your sense of emotional freedom, from within your protected space.

Anchoring the States You Need

Find your steady inner core of certainty, to help you stay calm and lighthearted under pressure!

Your Magic Scissors

Cut loose from obsessive thoughts that might have dogged you.

Part Four - Undo Your Big Bad Habitual Emotion

Strategy Scramble

After this session, you will be able to use your new insights to make immediate improvements to how you feel in any moment.

Part Five - Take Away the Power of Past Events

Letting Go of Past Trauma

Open up to see your true self, free of the burdensome weight of your memories of past, traumatic events.

Clearing All of Your Leftover Emotional Baggage

Break free of the leftover baggage of past emotions, to move forward with a new sense of lightness and emotional ease.

Part Six - Claim Your Future, Claim Yourself

Capture Your Future Knowledge and Wisdom Right Now

Have a stronger sense of certainty and direction, and a much clearer path towards your ideal future.

The True You

Reflect on the journey and where it has brought you – through your “precious crisis” to a whole new way of experiencing life.

Baggage Dumper Instant Access

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