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Healing Past Trauma – Dumping Emotional Baggage

Healing past trauma and letting go of heavy emotional baggage that we may have carried for years can sometimes seem like a long and difficult road. Big changes in psychological methods, however, have brought this sense of release within reach.

The video above will help you discover how easy it can be to let go of the emotional baggage you have been carrying and begin healing past trauma.

In this video, psychology practitioner Dallas Fell demonstrates two quick ways to release your emotional attachment to negative events from your past, with before-and-after checks to see what difference they have made.

Dallas explains how the Baggage Dumper Instant Access Program came to be and how you can now take advantage of this new approach.

People worldwide have been living the benefits of this new approach to dealing with embedded past emotions, helping them to open up more easily to loving, caring connections with others and to connect better with the precious people in their lives. These are benefits that last a lifetime, and beyond, into the generations that follow.

The methods not only work much more quickly and effectively than traditional psychology but also do not require you to explain out loud, yet again, the difficult or traumatic events which have been burdening you for so long.

This means that you can have the benefits of the program within the privacy and security of your own home environment, where you can use them all at your own pace, in your own time.

Discover how easily you can begin letting go of negative past events, and find out more about Baggage Dumper Instant Access, which is designed to guide you through a surprisingly simple process of releasing and healing past trauma. Let go of emotional baggage and past trauma, to truly begin to live the life you were meant for.


More About Dallas Fell & The Baggage Dumper Program

  • Purchase the Baggage Dumper Instant Access Series Delivered to Your Door on DVD:

$129 USD

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  • OR gain complete access to the Baggage Dumper Program online  in our members’ area (Includes access to the interactive Facebook community “Reclaim Your Light-Hearted Self”):

$37 USD a Month for 3 months

Read more from people who have experienced working with Dallas and her programs . . . 


“Simply amazing”

Dallas is simply amazing. In only one session, she helped me through my struggles and literally changed my attitude and focus.

She has taught me to see how I can continue to make changes in my life for the better and has helped me to shift my thinking.

I highly recommend Dallas because of her expertise, kindness and thoroughness. She has an amazing heart and make no mistake, she will help you make changes that are lasting in literally one session.

Michael Maddox, Business Owner, Seattle, USA

“Forever grateful”

Dallas’s expertise has allowed me to achieve goals that I never thought were possible & clear roadblocks stalling me from achieving the best life possible.

Her expertise has provided me with such clarity that would never be possible alone & I carry her teachings with me every day! I have even printed off some of her advice & carry with me to reinforce her teachings which have got me through tricky situations. What I have learnt from Dallas I use every day & will be forever grateful for coming across Dallas’ expertise.

I have no hesitation in personally recommending the wonderful services of Dallas.

Lena Walton, Business Owner, Melbourne, Australia

“I am now living the life that I want and I am the happiest that I have ever been in my life”

Although I had been doing a lot of work on myself for a few years I still was not achieving the life that I desired for myself and I decided to see Dallas for some personal coaching

I had read every self help book known to man but I still struggled with dating and relationships and I knew there had to be a reason why but I didn’t know what that reason was.

When I first started I told her that if she can help me then she is a miracle worker – and she is!!!

She helped me to forgive a family member and because of that I am now free. I am now living the life that I want and I am the happiest that I have ever been in my life and I sincerely thank Dallas for that.”

Sharnie Everton, Project Officer, Newcastle, Australia

“I really feel like I have been provided a handful of gold”

“I have what I wanted in spades, I have a number of strategies for moving forward, I really feel like I have been provided a handful of gold and I’m going to keep sifting through it for some time. I’m really delighting in this process.

Josh Pryor, Yoga Instructor, Newcastle, Australia

“It’s incredible how you can train your mind in such a short time to switch to positive thoughts and reverse your way of negative thinking”

“Hi, I’m Sue. Throughout my life I’ve had to face of lot of challenges and objects in my way, including vision loss which has left me legally blind. It’s been a difficult path at times and some very dark days.

Negativity was one of my main problems – and anxiety, which I tried to beat every single day when I woke up. As I’ve got older I’ve realised I’m wasting a lot of valuable time and energy.

I found out I could get help with Baggage Dumper, which absolutely is amazing.

It’s incredible how you can train your mind in such a short time to switch to positive thoughts and to reverse your way of negative thinking, and trick the brain into being positive – to be positive and objective and enjoy each day and not worry about things that are out of your control.

It was a wonderful experience and enlightening to be able to reverse my way of thinking. I’ve also told many other people about it, to help them as well.

We all have choices in life, and it’s so good when we can take control and start living and enjoying each day as it comes.”

Sue Blaxland, Newcastle, Australia

“More self-aware, confident, wiser and happier”

Through Dallas Fell’s Baggage Dumper program I have learnt many skills to help keep myself safe and to heal.

After using her strategies I am surprised to find myself feeling more self-aware, confident, wiser and happier.

I am also feeling safer and more secure, alert to negative thoughts and able to protect myself and not accept the destructive behaviour of others.

I can highly recommend Dallas Fell and her Baggage Dumper program.

Thanks, Dallas, for your compassion, insight, sensitivity to humanity, big picture perspective, deep understanding, empathy, awareness, honesty, bravery and unique, genuine caring for all.  I wish the whole world had a person trained in psychology and with such natural talent for the field.  Thank you.

Toni McIntyre, Teacher, Sydney, Australia


It’s hard to only write a couple of lines about Dallas. In short, she is phenomenal.

Dallas has helped me through what could have been a complete life disaster and it has become one of the best things that ever happened to me, with her guidance. I would recommend her and her services to anyone who asked (and especially those who are too scared to dream, to ask).

Kerryn Christie, Insurance Representative, Newcastle, Australia


  • Purchase the Baggage Dumper Instant Access Series Delivered to Your Door on DVD:

$129 USD

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  • OR gain complete access to the Baggage Dumper Program online  in our members’ area (Includes access to the interactive Facebook community “Reclaim Your Light-Hearted Self”):

$37 USD a Month for 3 months

With a background in traditional psychology, management and behavioural science, Dallas has been in private practice since 2008, helping people let go of mental and emotional baggage, to live the life they were meant for.

This Post Has 6 Comments

  1. What if you don’t know the event that boders you? What if everything that boders you is still in our subconscious mind?

    1. Hi Leksie
      Every emotional we consistently experience – including a feeling that something bothers you, without knowing what it is – we have a “strategy” for. We “run” them in a certain way. For instance, it may start with noticing something, then having a specific thought, then sensing a bad feeling somewhere in your head or your body – it’s your strategy for feeling that way! Strange to realise that we have a particular way of “doing it” and we can disable the system if we want! That is what you will find on DVD 4. You don’t need to know the particular issue that bothers you to make this work. It could be worth revisiting that session, to make a difference for you.
      Nevertheless, Kim is correct, if there is something happening to you NOW that is making you uneasy, it is worth turning your attention to your life to explore what that might be, and taking action to resolve it. If it is threatening action or attacks by someone close to you, Back from the Looking Glass is the absolute best roadmap for action.
      I once had a client who came to me to help her manage her anxiety, but it turned out that she was working in a very dangerous job. She was under regular physical attack by other people, in her role, but felt she could not quit for financial reasons. On top of this she was also was being stalked by her violent ex-partner, who had recently broken into her house! It would have been completely inappropriate (and probably ineffective) for me to help her manage her anxiety. Her anxiety was giving her very important information! Instead I helped her identify all the actions she needed to take to get herself safe!
      So before taking on this exercise, I would encourage you to tap into your internal wisdom, to sense whether there is something bothering you that needs your action and take action to protect yourself.
      Warmest regards

  2. For me personally your guidance was to fast:). I need more time and less suggestions so I can get into me. How do you suggest people should protect themselves if traumatic event is repeated? Are there any safety precautions that can help us if/ when caught up in catastrophic feelings?
    Thank you

    1. Hi Leksie, I will get Dallas to answer you, but first want to say that baggage dumper is designed to deal with ’emotional baggage’. That term means old events that you can remember but do not relate to your life at present; events that you do not want influencing your actions anymore.

      If you are in a situation where the trauma is still occurring that is not baggage and should be considered a current threat. If this threat is from you partner we suggest you purchase Back From the Looking Glass – 13 Steps to a Peaceful Home.

    2. Hi Leksie
      I am so sorry I missed this feedback from you. A long time back now, I know! Thanks for taking the time to give this info. Was this a general feeling throughout the program, do you recall, or did it come up in relation to a particular session? I value your input.
      Warm regards

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