Sometimes people think I am against divorce or separation, but really that isn’t true. I don’t think anyone has an obligation to stay in an abusive marriage. If you want to get out and you can do that safely and without causing the abuse to escalate, then certainly I think you should do so.

What I do believe however is that divorce isn’t the easy option people pretend it to be, and can be a much harder road to end the conflict and return to a place where you start growing again as a person.

My father was in general practice as a medical doctor for over 50 years of his life and in that time learned a lot about people. His advice to me was that divorce is ALWAYS a major set back. He taught me that people often see their partner as a burden – and believe they can run faster on their own – when in reality this doesn’t turn out to be the truth.

Sure if your life is headed in the wrong direction and you cannot get on course together towards someplace you want to be in the future, sometimes taking a few steps back is necessary (somewhat like pruning a tree) but the setback still needs to be acknowledged, and real care taken if you do decide to leave.

Whichever way you choose I want to continue to support you, and if you haven’t got our ebooks yet encourage you to purchase them today.

Our introductory specials will give you the opportunity to buy our program at a discount and you will be offered these specials when you subscribe to our site here:

Narcissistic Personality Disorder in Your Partner

Please take your time and read through the private pages you will be lead through once you subscribe.

This is not an easy problem to tackle and you need to take this seriously and one step at a time;

Narcissistic Personality Disorder in Your Partner

I recommend our Introductory special number one and two to get started and then later when you are ready to do more work on yourself – Introductory special number three.

These ebooks will cost you less than a night out and will provide you step by step with the help you need whether you want to stay and work on your marriage or if you decide you want to leave.

If you are having trouble because your credit card is maxed out or you do not want your partner to know you are purchasing our material – please contact us by replying to one of the emails you will receive (after you subscribe) and someone will assist you (probably Steve!). Please do not let anything stand in the way of you getting the help and advice you need.

Back when I needed the advice I offer I was really in a terrible corner and there was no one online like us to help. I know some people criticise us but really we have given all of our lives these past 5 years to helping people out of the same corner I had found myself in back then. Google has over this time made it harder and harder for people to find us and instead on the front page when you search Google for Narcissistic Personality Disorder you will either find people selling ebooks on vibrational healing or people saying there is no hope.

I do not think either of these are valid responses to this serious issue and I believe that instead our site should be getting better exposure than Google gives us – but I cannot hit my head against that brick wall any longer. So now I am being forced to do more off-line work approaching Government agencies and Universities, in the hope that they can help get our program to more families without us going broke on advertising.

One way or another I am still determined to get this message out, while continuing to support everyone here the best I can.

Towards this we will hopefully have a proper forum set up here soon.

This is a small but very precious community that comments on this site and I hope that while I go out searching for new avenues to promote our message you will all help me keep the conversation alive.

Hang in there and please don’t ever lose hope. You are fighting for your own (and your children if you have them) right to be loved and respected. But what is your partner fighting for? In the end it really a matter of whose will is stronger and I believe the greater strength can be yours (-:

Kim Cooper

Author of seven books on the topic of relationships and positive mental health.

A prolific multi-media content innovator, Kim has created and shared a library of articles and multi-media educational tools including radio shows, movies and poetry on 'The NC Marriage', 'End The Blame Game' and 'The Love Safety Net'.

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