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Most of us received intensive training for our mental and physical “centres” as children. We were taught how to walk, eat, run and even swim. Many were taught how to read while still at home and were then packed off to school where our mental development was further encouraged in all kinds of ways.

Throughout all of this, there was another “centre” within us, whose development unfortunately remained almost entirely up to luck. That third centre is the realm of our emotions.

Tragically, research now shows that it is the development of this neglected “centre” which really determines our ability to connect with ourself and with others, determining much of our genuine success and happiness.

By helping you understand yourself and your emotions better, the units in this premium subscription are designed to bring you to a place of inner strength, where connection with others becomes easy and natural. It will also give you access to our wonderful and supportive online community.

This on-line, hands-on, work-at-your-own-pace, training is designed to provide the emotional grounding for life success that is sadly missing from the upbringing and education most of us received growing up.

The units in this class are based on the work of a various individuals and more than one school of thought. The core framework essentially takes emotional intelligence training out of the corporate arena and applies it to home and family situations. Also included are some aspects of attachment theory, floor time, boundary setting and developmental gap work.

The sum total of this collection of ideas and practices aims to nurture and train that neglected “emotional centre”, to get the absolute best from yourself, your life and your relationships.

This work also draws together essential elements from all of the resources and programs I have developed over many years. I am excited about releasing this updated version of the program, and about hearing – through our friendly and supportive online classrooms for each topic – about the big changes it brings about in your life.

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Please Note: If you are subject to violence or intimidation in your home, please pause here before beginning this class and begin by working through the steps in Back From the Looking Glass.)

Kim is the author of seven books on the topic of relationships and emotional intelligence.

A prolific multi-media content innovator, Kim has created and shared a library of articles and multi-media educational tools including radio shows,
movies and poetry on 'The NC Marriage', and 'The Love Safety Net'.

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