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Change Your Mindset and Improve Your Family’s Life

Everyone knows these days that running a successful business requires the right mindset. There are thousands, if not millions, of business coaches who help people change their business mindset for success. But has anyone told you the right mindset is essential in running a successful family?

How you view the problems in the world is a good place to start ‘getting down to business’.  How about we assess your current mindset and consider how a new mindset might help you?

Who is to Blame?

Our first blog was called ‘End the Blame Game’. Getting beyond blaming each other is an essential step in resolving conflict, but with families such a mess these days, most of us are feeling that someone must be to blame!

Let’s look at the world in broader dimensions than family for a moment. By the end of this article, this might help you see the dangers facing your family more clearly. At that higher level let’s consider,

“Who is it that you blame?”

The World’s Problems Are Caused by:

a. People who don’t agree with my moral, political or religious views.

b. Corporate colonialist pirateering being alive and well–continuing to exploit the entire human race.

Healing the Divide

a. and b. describe two very different mindsets of where many of us place blame for the problems that exist in our world today.

Group b may be portrayed as conspiracy theorists, but I believe most of us are past the point of believing we can ever unite behind an honest political candidate and vote them into office.

Please ask yourself: “Do our leaders pull us together and unite us in shared vision and camaraderie? Or instead, do they divide us and blame that same divide for their lack of vision and progress?”

As our faith in democratic elections fails, people have instead become increasingly judgemental and aggressive in pushing their opinions (trying to achieve a majority consensus) as the only way forward. Yet more than ever this is dividing us into different camps.

Managing this divide in the public’s mind then justifies governments increasing surveillance and heavy-handed police tactics.

As leaders within our families and communities, we must respond to this threat of division and protect our personal and business networks.

Economically, the average family is under more stress today than at any time since the Great Depression. Yet the threats to families now are far broader than financial… how do we organise and defend ourselves today?

Most of us feel the pressure, but end up running in circles, pointing the finger at each other while arguing about the cause:

  • men blame feminism
  • women blame narcissism
  • While Freudian psychology has left all of us blaming our mental health problems on our mothers

We must protect our families from this blame game.

In truth, corporate colonialist pirateering has its fangs in all of us and threatens families today more than ever. Regardless of our differing beliefs we must organise and assist each other in facing the many challenges and dangers that lie ahead.

Stop arguing about who should lead us and become responsible leaders.

Humanity must unite to protect ourselves from our colonial overlords (and their minions–the technocrats or ‘laptop class’ locked away from the realities of our world on high wages and their shopping delivered) and this protection must begin in our homes.

If you disagree with this view or think it extreme, I will only ask, “How bad will your marriage need to get before you understand that no one is coming to save you?”

Many in your situation don’t arrive at this truth until they find themselves on the streets, in jail or a mental health facility.

We do not seek to push our religious or political views on anyone, your family’s business is your family’s business. We only hope to help you shore up that business on every level, or rebuild it stronger than ever.

Our work is not based on faith or ideology, but practical common sense systems and strategies for good governance in our communities and homes.

Regardless of our differing worldviews, let’s adopt a new mindset that puts blame and divide in the past. Stop standing on a pedestal pointing a finger and instead start working at becoming better team players, working together to build stronger families and communities.

Kim is the author of seven books on the topic of relationships and emotional intelligence.

A prolific multi-media content innovator, Kim has created and shared a library of articles and multi-media educational tools including radio shows,
movies and poetry on 'The NC Marriage', and 'The Love Safety Net'.

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