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Our aim at The Love Safety Net is to help your family find physical and emotional stability, not impose any particular ideology or belief system.

Our work, however, is based on solid ethics and morals that we would like to outline as clearly as possible.

Despite our work being science based, we are not afraid to talk about (and define) our belief in Good and Evil.

We see Good to be aligned with:

Truth, forgiveness, valour, grace, humility, compassion, understanding, faith in the power of goodness and virtue, empathy, sharing, working for the common good, conscience, care of children, widows and the elderly.

We resist and battleĀ Evil in ourselves and others in the form of:

Selfishness, hubris, arrogance, dishonesty, greed, indifference, neglect, exploitation, manipulation, domination, elitism and cruelty.

If you agree on these definitions of Good and Evil regardless of differences in our religious, secular, political or any other belief system, we accept you as ethically being on the same page with us and hope you can accept us as well!

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