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No Steve and I don’t have Covid, we have some truly positive results.

From a place many years ago where our family’s health and relationships were on the verge of collapse, the healing in our marriage is now complete. Like plants finally recovered from a lack of sunshine or rainfall we are now growing again and feeling stronger every day.

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In the last year, Steve and I have lost 180 pounds between us, regained our energy, fitness and strength. Steve’s heart has healed and both of our insulin levels are down. Just as important, despite our family’s differing beliefs–on many levels–we are all working together daily in a culture of kindness and respect.

Not a bad result for an alcoholic and overweight woman who was told by the police and community services that I was a victim and had no choice but to leave or change the locks.

I am not suggesting that Steve and I have all the answers now; learning is central to the growth phase we are experiencing. My research is expanding at present and I have subscribed to two new journals this year. There is so much to learn and trial.

On Whose Authority Do You Accept Health Advice?

Our work has always offered the best recommendations of what we have road-tested in our own lives. Trialling remedies takes time and not everything we trial will have the intended results. I share a story about one of those misguided learning experiences in the article Learning From Our Mistakes.

Meaningful growth just about always requires trial and error. There is only so much we can learn from books. We must allow ourselves room to make mistakes as a vital part of learning what works!

I see this when working in the garden.

There is incredibly helpful advice about taking care of any type of plant online these days, but in the end, I must closely watch how well the plants are growing. Monitoring success or failure is where the real learning starts.

Trial and error take time. Steve and I are not experts giving advice on Facebook every day, we only bring you information when we have clear results. This is why, having kicked some incredible goals this year, we feel passionate about talking to you now.

We cannot promise that any of what we offer will be the best choice for you. Only you can monitor the results of whatever health advice you follow.

Dr Eric Berg, whose advice has transformed our physical health this year, talks candidly about most standard health advice being the opposite of the truth:

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What has worked for Steve and me to heal our family relationships has, likewise, often been at odds with government advice. Families in conflict are encouraged to put up walls of protection against each other. This may be necessary sometimes, but first, we should focus on family members building self-worth, confidence and community support. Our life ring and safety net have always symbolised this. We all need a network of support in our communities, each building our ‘love safety net.’

Our personal trials and the experience of those following our recommendations have yielded close to 2 thousand positive testimonials to date. Our work has also helped change the definition of NPD in the current DSM. The listing now admits the need for more research.

Feed Your Family Love

In a similar way, science is achieving breakthroughs every day in better understanding human metabolism and how diet, including beneficial microbes, dramatically impact our health.

Breakthroughs that can take decades to influence standard government health advice.

For example, did you know that we don’t just share viruses and germs with each other? We also share immunity.

Kissing a healthy person can potentially add millions if not billions of new healthy bacteria to your microbiome!

Our mouths, digestive tract and skin are home to healthy bacteria that produce lactic acid. This lactic acid forms what is called our ‘acid mantle’, the first line of defence in our immune system.

Most pathogens prefer a higher PH (alkaline) and so this bacterial lactic acid ‘mantle’ protects us from infection.

This mantle does not only include our skin. Lactobacillus bacteria form an inner skin throughout our digestive tract and inner membranes which determines what gets through. As our cells regenerate, this protective layer is lost and must be replenished with more healthy bacteria. This is why we need to ingest pre-biotics (fibre) and probiotics (cultured food) on a regular basis. I might start sharing some of our favourite recipes for these fermented foods soon.

These bacteria also produce vitamins and are even involved with our internal signalling that produces feelings of love and connection in our social interactions. There are trials in progress, with promising results, using probiotics in the treatment of social behavioural problems in people with autism.

We all once had this strain of lactobacillus bacteria colonized in our bodies, but research now suggests it is only one in ten people.

It is difficult to build loving connections if we do not feel love in our interactions.

There are trillions of strains of lactobacillus bacteria. Some unique to healthy individuals and families. Many commercial probiotic bacteria in the past came from cows and not humans. Companies are now locating and culturing new strains from healthy people’s breastmilk and mouths.

Product testing and development of these beneficial bacteria is big business, research and development in this area is a current market trend. By 2030 many diseases such as cancer and depression will be treated successfully with cultured lactobacillus strains.

We humans are not biohazards. Sharing our beneficial bacteria with each other through kissing and other intimate contact helps keep our immune systems strong!

Healthy people must welcome the sick into healthy environments where they can get better.

Back to Covid: Some of our family have chosen to get vaccinated and some haven’t – yet all of us have accepted each others choice in this regard. We still all get together and have fun spending time with each other.

Yes, we take the virus seriously. Our overall response has been a combination of quarantining the sick but as Dr Berg suggests in the movie above, also building our immune systems.

Each of us has spent considerable time with people who have contracted Covid. All of our adult children’s partners have had it and so have some of our tenants. Yet none of our family, touch wood, have tested positive. Maybe there is a Cooper family strain of bacteria that the researchers should culture and sell!

On a more serious note: Please be careful using antibacterials. Research has shown a 30% decrease in the human microbiome from only limited exposure to these agents.

In terms of our emotional and mental health, culturing food (I will post some recipes soon) with lactobacillus bacteria is a great way to bring a loving connection back into your home.


Kim is the author of seven books on the topic of relationships and emotional intelligence.

A prolific multi-media content innovator, Kim has created and shared a library of articles and multi-media educational tools including radio shows,
movies and poetry on 'The NC Marriage', and 'The Love Safety Net'.

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  1. Hi Kim and Steve This is a great article. I appreciate the insight into the link between health and the emotions, and the link to other sites. Cheers

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