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Handling Verbal Aggression

  • Are you often subjected to verbal aggression or passive aggression?
  • Do you struggle to defend yourself and know how to react?

As unfair and hurtful as these episodes may be; waiting for sympathy, justice or a superhero will not rescue you from this situation.

Running away may save you temporarily, but can you continue to run every time you must deal with a person who is verbally aggressive?

Not everyone gets shouted at and put down: dealing with verbal aggression has everything to do with your status and authority.

Become a person who commands authority and respect, no matter who you find yourself dealing with.

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Woman Holding Phone Away From Her Face And Trying To Block The Speaker With Her Hand To Block Verbal Abuse

Verbal Abuse Hurts

The nursery rhyme ending, “but words can never hurt me”, is far from the truth. Words do hurt and especially when they regularly come out of the mouth of a person who is meant to love you more than anyone.

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