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‘Steve’s Group’ subscription gives you access to my private Facebook group and all of the series and courses below.

Decide what you wish to work on and then sign up for the associated email list for guidance and prompts through each. Or you may wish to bookmark this page and explore any and all of what we offer at your own pace.

The Good King and Queen – Our new guide to good family governance
Steve’s Leadership Challenge – Let’s get serious about our role in our home!
Kim’s Master Class – Kim’s emotional intelligence intensive

My private Facebook group (Steve’s Group) is where you can first reach out and meet people, who may be looking for the same answers as you. Feel free to ask questions and discuss any of our material you are working on. We will also try and help you to find your way around. We have members from all time zones, so anytime is a good time to jump on and share your thoughts.

‘Steve’s Group’ is men only, but there are other private Facebook groups (sometimes we call them classrooms) associated with the subjects you will be learning where you will find both women and men commenting.

All of our groups on Facebook are what are called ‘secret groups’. This simply means that whatever you share will never be online for anyone outside of that group to see. People will not even be able to see that you are a member of that group.

In order to access my private Facebook Group, I will need to send you an invite, before I can do this, you need to have subscribed and we also need to be Facebook friends.
So if we are not Facebook friends yet, take a moment and friend request me now . . .

Next please send me an email at and let me know that you want to be a member of Steve’s Group. I will invite you to my private group next time I am online.

Once you have accepted my invite you can access ‘Steve’s Group’ here:

We look forward to meeting you!
Steve Cooper
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