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a. To engage in the social aspect of Steve’s Group you will need to be on Facebook. Most of our social correspondence is on a Facebook secret page, and your privacy will be protected as best as we can. A “Facebook Secret page” just means a group where we can talk to each other but your other friends and family won’t see those posts.

Please Note: We have chosen Facebook as a platform rather than hosting a forum for a number of important reasons including keeping our membership fees down. If you are not on Facebook we are happy to help you get started but we don’t have time to engage in discussions of how or why FB is bad.

b. You need to be committed to working on new skills in communication and leadership. Steve’s Group is not a place you will find sympathy unless you are working on improving yourself. The advice you receive may not always be what you want to hear! You must always use your own best judgement in regard to your safety. All care but no responsibility will be accepted in participants following the advice offered.

c. You need to respect that Steve’s Group is a place to learn the skills Steve and Kim teach. While other people’s experience and advice are welcome, participants need to stay on topic and not use the group to promote different approaches or ideas.

d. You need to accept that we view divorce as a highly private and personal choice that should NEVER be suggested as a means of protecting a family from violence or abuse. Statistics and experience bear us out. In cases of aggression, we advocate 100% no tolerance and don’t suggest victims hand responsibility for their safety or protection to anyone (including courts, police, government authorities etc.) lightly. Trust is something that should be earned and members need to take 100% responsibility for their own safety.

Divorce is not a decision for a person to make when they are upset and will usually only make the conflict worse. To be an active member of the social aspects of this class you need to respect that our team never view divorce or ‘no contact’ as simple solutions to conflict on their own.

Because of this, it is against the rules of this community to suggest divorce or separation to other members as a means of punishment/revenge or as a means of implementing no tolerance. Implementing 100% no tolerance in a way that de-escalates conflict is not one size fits all.

e. You must agree not to come on the social pages of Steve’s Group when you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs or you are angry or upset. Self-soothing is a major component of this work and requires members to overcome the urge to vent when they are angry. You may come asking for ideas of how to self soothe but please keep it short and sweet.

f. You must agree to be respectful and honest with other members of the class.

g. The comment features of Steve’s Group are to ask questions and learn – so members should be mindful not to overwhelm other participants by seeking individual help and advice.

Steve’s Group subscription does NOT replace purchasing, reading and working through Kim and Steve’s books. The books will give you the basics steps you need to end the conflict and have an understanding of the principles their advice is based upon. For an idea of where to start please visit the page here—Getting Started.

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