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Why Learn Better Family Leadership?

Imagine looking back at your life from your death bed.

  • What accomplishments will you be proud of?
  • What regrets will you have?
  • What unresolved conflicts and unfinished business will be left in your wake?

Will you regret that you didn’t spend more time at the office?

Or will you wish you spent more time at home?

Steve’s Group subscription includes access to our new programme, Good Fathers and Mothers.

“Join me in learning solid family leadership.”

Only $19.95 a month

Register now and I will be in touch within 24 hours to send you a brief questionnaire that will allow me to give you personal advice where to start and get you set up with my Private Facebook Group.

You must agree to a few basic rules . . . Steve’s Group Rules

Fame and fortune can be elusive; if we wish to create a life story with any depth and meaning, becoming a good husband and father is what is essential.

But with all the demands on us through the day, how can we make this goal a reality?

Many men find when they finally get home at night, they don’t feel they really have a place there.

No matter what some may say, locking ourselves away in a ‘man cave’ doesn’t qualify as family time.

It can be tempting to lay the blame on our family, saying it’s their fault they don’t support us being “in charge”.

But what does that really mean? ‘Taking charge’ at home, often translates into expecting our family to just leave us alone.

No matter what some may say, locking ourselves away in a ‘man cave’ doesn’t qualify as family time.

This group is designed to help us all feel more comfortable taking a hands-on leadership role in our family.

I am NOT an expert! Just like you I am a husband and father who is working daily to find answers to these questions.

I am lucky to have the team who developed our books (including my wife Kim) behind me, along with all of the great experts work that they draw from.

I hope you will make the decision to join me in learning to feel more relaxed in your home!

” The processes that will be shared in our members area will support you in becoming an effective leader, while also commanding your family‚Äôs love and respect. While designed as a resource for families, these pages will support leaders in any group or organisation.”

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