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“Men may dream of achieving fame and fortune but becoming a good husband and father is what’s essential to create a life story with any depth.”

Why Learn Better Family Leadership?

Take a moment and imagine yourself on your death bed – looking back on your life.

  • What accomplishments will you be the most proud of?
  • What regrets will you have?
  • What unresolved conflicts and unfinished business will be left in your wake?

Will you regret you didn’t spend more time at the office?

For most of us the answer will be the opposite, and we will wish we spent more time at home.

“Join me in learning solid family leadership.”

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Because while men may dream of achieving fame and fortune, becoming a good husband and father is what’s essential if we wish to create a life story with any depth.

But with all the demands on us at work and from our friends . . .  where do we even start making this goal a reality in our life?

When we finally do get home, many of us struggle to find our place there and can’t face our families expectations and demands.

We in turn point accusations at our family, insisting it is their fault they don’t support us being “in charge”.

But here’s the catch! Because if you are like I used to be, taking charge at home often translates as us expecting our family to leave us alone!

No matter what some marriage experts say, locking ourselves away in a ‘man cave’ doesn’t qualify as family time.

It is for this reason my challenge is based on exercises to help you feel more comfortable taking a hands on leadership role at home.

Please take note that I am NOT an expert at this, I am a husband and father working to find answers to these questions myself. After sharing the story of overcoming our family dysfunction, my wife Kim and I have worked for many years helping other families as well.

I am lucky to have the team who developed our books (including my wife Kim Cooper) behind me, along with all of the great experts work they draw from, and am devoting this year to this challenge to sharpen my skills.

I hope you will make the decision to join me in learning to feel more relaxed taking a lead role in your home!

” The process that will be shared in this series of movies and exercises will support you in becoming an effective leader while also commanding your family’s love and respect. While designed as a resource for families, these pages will support the leaders in any group or organisation.”

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