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Part 2 – The Exercise Manual

Preliminary Exercise – Who are the people you look up to? Think back now to all the solid and honest individuals who have made a positive impact on your life.

Make a list of the ones who come to mind. It doesn’t matter if you have not met them in real life.

Whose respect would you value most? Close your eyes and imagine these role models of yours are here with you now.

How would they react to seeing you working closely with your wife or husband, to bring peace and prosperity to your family? Picture how it might look seeing your family co-operating and becoming more stable.

What might this accomplish, and how might this affect your role models’ opinion of you?
Don’t keep reading until you have spent at least two minutes on this. Five would be better but spend at least two.

Next, let’s draw a little picture of these people. Simple faces with a name above each head will do.

This is your support team on this journey. Some may join the process in real life, and hopefully, their numbers will grow. Either way, their support will help you. Reinforce that support by keeping the picture you have drawn close to you.

Kim is the author of seven books on the topic of relationships and emotional intelligence.

A prolific multi-media content innovator, Kim has created and shared a library of articles and multi-media educational tools including radio shows,
movies and poetry on 'The NC Marriage', and 'The Love Safety Net'.

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  1. Hi Kim & Steve,

    Just finished INTRO video….
    Recognizing the lack of ATTACHMENT my husband was experiencing made a huge difference. We would try the conflict resolution techniques taught by our counselor but would end up worse than we started. Now I try to be mindful of making sure I ” Tap” ( Touch, Appreciate (what he does for us) , Praise (His character) Boy can I tell the difference when I let up on these!

    I tried to go to Members discussion and ran into this

    “The link you followed may be broken, or the page may have been removed”
    Thanks for coming back to Love Safety Net and members discussions!

    1. Thanks Betsy, That is a wonderful idea. I will have to search and learn more about TAP. I won’t be until New Year that we are settled in the new place. Until then I won’t have much time to offer. Everyone should get an invite to the new Facebook group soon we are just waiting for news from our new moderator.

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